Madonna Development has been developing since 1994 and is well known for their unique and well-designed neighborhoods.  Neighborhoods in the Plainfield, Illinois area such as Riviera Estates, Bronk Estates and moving onto King's Crossing.

Madonna Development was named after Madonna O'Donnell the mother of the  O'Donnell brothers.  The brothers are in the midst of developing 140 single-family homes on 80 acres on the north side of 127th and Shenandoah Trail.  The neighborhood, known as King's Bridge Estates,  won The Chaddick Development Award from DePaul University. The Village of Plainfield trustees stated it was "refreshing to see a developer that comes through looking great and that we don't have to spend any time redesigning neighborhoods over and over in order to obtain approval.


This is all credited to the O'Donnell brothers working together, planning ahead, and putting their integrity, pride and knowledge into each neighborhood.  Consulting first with the Village of Plainfield's land design consultant, Linden & Linet on what makes a neighborhood unique and not just another subdivision.


  • Family

  • Tradition

  • Pride

  • Excellence


Previous Neighborhoods:

  • Riviera Estates

  • Bronk Estates

  • Kings Crossing

About King's Bridge Estates

History of King's Bridge Estates

Map of King's Bridge Estates

Directions to King's Bridge Estates

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